how it works

The artwork will be based on a photograph you provide

  1. Email to your commission and add a suitable photograph. A selection of photo’s is even better
  2. Choose between (color)pencil / pigmentliner / watercolor/ acrylic-paint
  3. I will respond asap and tell you if the photo is suitable. The portrait will always be delivered within two weeks. If you are happy with the price and delivery date you pay 20 % to NL95 INGB0005219529 Linda Rusconi
  4. When the artwork is ready I will send a clear picture of the result. There is room for small adjustments. If you like I can sign the artwork
  5. When you are satisfied with the result you pay the rest of the amount. After receiving the payment your work will be send

Ofcourse you can call or email first if you want to consult with me about a possible commission.

The artwork will be carefully wrapped and send with PostNL in The Netherlands. Unfortunately I can’t do any type of refund (no money back, no product exchanges or discounts for damaged mail or losses). The reason is because I can’t take the blame for post system’s responsibilities. It’s just me running my small business (I’m not a co-operation) and right now I’m simply not able to pay for those accidents.

An example of a portrait-drawing based on a photograph:

opa en oma (2) portret oma & opa web


Look to the side instead into the camera. Try out some different poses. Have fun with it

en profil kleine lach

People tend to choose the big teethy smile photo’s, but a serious look can be beautiful too

grote lach kleine lach

When choosing a photo make sure that the subject is wearing their favorite outfit. Or the typical hat they always wear. Like that funny hat or that colorful scarf. Pay attention to their pose. Do they lean on their hand when they listen or always frown when relaxed? Use that in the photograph.

met hand met muts

Make sure the lighting is right. Not to bright and not to dark. And of course a sharp focus.

fel onscherp

Reacties gesloten