choice of tool

The choice of tool. Which material to work with for what kind of artwork? I work in pencil, pigmentliner, dippen and acrylicpaint. Every size is possible. Together we decide what works for you. You can also choose a digital print, this allows you to order multiple prints if you want to surprise your family or colleagues.


Drawing with a pencil creates the opportunity to show a lot of detail. I can work in colour or black & white. Pencil gives a very realistic effect.


I like to work with acrylic paint. And I love contrasting colours that makes the subject pop out. It’s a fast drying paint, so you can work in many layers. It gives the colours depth.


The drawing will be done in pencil or fineliner. Color will be added with watercolor. It’s a versatile┬ámedium with transparent qualities. You can add soft shadows but also bright accents.


If your looking for a sharp drawing then a inkportrait is perfect. Pigmentliner gives a timeless effect. You can also choose ink for a digital portrait. It’s very suitable to add text. If you would like to print postcard or businesscards.


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